About us

Financial Modeling ProfessionalsAbout us is operated by the Financial Modeling World Cup – the world’s largest financial modeling competition, enjoyed by top-class modelers from all over the world. Our team is trusted by such big names as Microsoft, the main sponsors of the tournament, and ESPN who broadcast the tournaments to TV audience.

Our founder & CEO, Andrew Grigolunovich (CFA, CFM, FMVA), is one of the world’s top financial modeling experts. In 2017 he ranked #5 in the financial modeling world championship finals in New York. He is also the founder and the CEO of the Financial Modeling World Cup and the Microsoft Excel World Championship.

Our Products and Services

Financial Templates

You can find our ready-made financial templates in our shop. You’ll find financial models for many different industries and company sizes there.

Financial Modeling Services

If you’d like to order customization for the templates or would like us to develop a financial model from scratch specifically for your company, check out our Financial Modeling Services.


We are also welcoming new partners who are willing to increase customer loyalty, expand product portfolio and earn additional revenues. Our existing partners outsource to us their own client projects – sometimes because they cannot deal with the workload efficiently enough or because they are experts in other financial planning and analysis fields (e.g., accounting, bookkeeping, law services firms).

Our partners enjoy increased customer loyalty as they no longer need to lose clients to competitors but rather ensure a wide offer of services; mutually beneficial revenue split depending on the project and business cooperation model; high-quality services and fast execution of tasks.