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Financial Modeling Services

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Financial modeling services from CFOTemplates.comOK, you came to the website. Probably you were looking for a nice pre-created financial model or an Excel template for your business. Hopefully, we have already created such a template for your industry.

However, why don’t you fully use our capabilities and let us create the financial projections for you? We have a huge experience in creating financial models for clients from different industries. Having this background allows our analysts to consistently make it into the TOP 100 of the Modeloff Financial Modeling World Championships out of thousands of contestants. Our founder & CEO, Andrew Grigolunovich, CFA, CFM, FMVA is ranked #5 in the Financial Modeling World Championships 2017! You can find more information about ourselves on our corporate website here.

Saving thousands of dollars for your business

Financial modeling allows companies to quickly grasp the key drivers behind their cashflow and value. A good model allows you to quickly change assumptions behind the model and to see what effect does it make.

Surprisingly, quite often people tend to be too optimistic about their plans. Putting numbers into a financial model brings you down to earth. Some of our clients have saved thousands or even millions of dollars by adjusting their development plans in advance.

One of the most common mistakes is underestimation of cash requirements for development projects of a business. Every time you get construction cost overruns for your new site, every time you get delays in delivery of new equipment – all of this adds up and significantly worsens the pressure on the company’s cash reserves.

Putting the numbers down to a financial model and setting these to the worst-case scenario, would allow you to know your cash needs well in advance. It would also give you time to negotiate a stand-by line of credit for these needs.

Saving valuable time for finance professionals

Financial modeling services from CFOTemplates.comOur financial modeling services are being extensively used by financial professionals. Although this group of clients has as good background in finance as our team, we are able to save these people a lot of their valuable time. We remove the technical part of the financial modeling process for you and leave only the decision-making on your side.

We can make it with Google sheets too!

While the majority of financial models are being created within MS Excel, Google Sheets application has been getting a lot of new users recently. One of the major advantages of Google Sheets is its invaluable functionality for online collaboration.With Google Sheets several users can work on the same file simultaneously even if they are located thousands of miles away from each other. Another advantage of Google Sheets is the fact that it is free, as compared to MS Excel.

Our team has created several financial models within Google Sheets at our client requests. We recommend using Google Sheets for projects with many people involved, for example:

  • Project progress report tracking
  • Construction project finance tracking
  • Sales agent summary reports
Reasonable pricing

We understand that our services need to be adequately priced so that it makes sense for a business to hire us rather than to take an in-house analyst. On the other hand, we need to provide good salaries for our financial modeling talents. Currently, we are able to balance this at an hourly rate of $50/h (it might change in the future with inflation and FX rate fluctuations).

You can get more information on financial modeling services by sending an inquiry to Please send us the requirements for your financial model and we will provide you with a price quote and an estimation of delivery timing.