Stage 5 (2022) “Traveling and Holidays”

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Stage 5 (2022) "Traveling and Holidays"

This is an actual case study that was presented to the participants of the Financial Modeling World Cup 2022, Stage 5 (July 22-25).

Case study description:

The objective of this case is to forecast the operating kilometers of a new electric railway over a period of 20 years and to estimate the amount and cost of electricity required to run the trains.

The main problem is to estimate the operating kilometers and electricity consumption of a new electric railway that will operate one north-south line initially and a second east-west line later on. Additionally, the trains will operate on different schedules based on the day of the week, and the number of passengers and the dead-running distance will vary depending on the timetable. Moreover, the trains will be parked at a depot each night, and maintenance periods will also affect the operating kilometers of the trains.

The downloadable file consists of the following:
Task: PDF file with Case Materials; PDF file with Questions; Excel file with initial data and case assumptions
Solution: Excel file with full Solution Model; PDF file with correct Answers in Bold

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