Regular Financial Services

Our insights, tools and hands-on support help clients achieve their biggest goals

Customer description:  You are a small to medium sized European company, (usually with a net turnover of 500.000€ to 15.000.000 € per year), who’s business has become too complex to be managed by one manager / owner, but does not need to hire a full time CFO.

Customer requirements: We prefer to work with firms that have an ordered system of bookkeeping and computerized internal accounting system. If there is an electronic system in place but it is not working as well as you wish, we can, as part of our service, provide recommendations on methods for more efficient internal accounting organization.


Most of our customers use many of the services from the following list:

• Annual budget development and monthly analysis of its implementation;
• Profitability models for products and services and potential new products;
• Monthly calculation of the total cost of goods manufactured by the enterprise, taking into account the production volume and the current monthly expenditure;
• Cash flow planning model development, weekly cash flow planning;

• New development projects evaluation, the  calculation of the breakeven point and Return on Investment, (ROI). For example, whether the expenses for a new store at a certain rent and with a certain turnover will be covered; How many tons of products must be produced by the new equipment per month in average so that the expenses would be covered within 2 years?

• Representing clients’ interests in the banks, mobilization of funding;

• Analysis of the effectiveness of your current salary system, new incentive systems proposals both for the whole enterprise and for individual posts / job categories;

• Analysis of monthly sales results, (e.g., sales by the hour, by day, by product group, generalization of the top products, etc.);
• Monthly reports on the situation in the industry in which you operate, (for example, the dynamics of export and import volume in the industry by months), based on data published by CSB, and other available sources;
• Various types of calculations, which help understand what is more profitable. (For example, would it be more profitable to bring goods into local stores independently or would it be cheaper and more efficient to hire distribution companies. Usually such calculations are made as needed).
To facilitate communication all analysis and calculations are generally presented in a PowerPoint presentation, during which the most important observations and conclusions are considered.

For cost effectiveness the work we do on your behalf is usually done in our offices. We can come to your office to make presentations and to discuss calculation and research results, obtain new work assignments and to participate in meetings organized by the you when required.