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Construction Budget Template

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Construction Budget Template

Manufacturing Company Budget Template

Construction budget template – get control of your company’s financials

The construction budget template is an all-inclusive one-year financial planning template for a construction industry. The construction budget template allows you to forecast financials for your company regardless of number of projects and range of services it provides.

This is a great tool for owners/CFOs of construction business to project their cashflow, revenue and materials supply. The construction budget template allows you to see the projected profitability of your projects – maybe some of them are bringing losses to the company?

Our construction budget template contains assumptions and projections for Profit and loss statement (P&L), Balance sheet (BS), and Cashflow statement (CF), as well as detailed projections for different cost groups, e.g. salaries, lease payments, and material costs. These detailed projections influence the big picture and are logically divided into different worksheets. Detailed instructions are given on each worksheet.

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Feel free to contact our team in case you need support with budgeting your company. Our team provides financial modeling services to companies around the world. Actually, this is our core business. We have a lot of experience in creating budgets for construction companies and therefore know the specifics of the business. Just drop us a line to!

Learn more about our Financial Modeling Services and our Excel template customization services.

If you require a budgeting template for a different industry, please have a look at similar budgeting templates here at our website. If you don’t see a template that suits your industry, you might consider ordering a customized budget template. Please contact us at

Functionality of the construction budget template:

  • separate profit and loss budget and cash flow budget
  • forecast balance sheet by month
  • forecast monthly earnings by product group and projects
  • plan positions of company’s expenses: HR, Marketing, Selling costs, Administrative expenses, etc.
  • schedule workers’ payment, which is pegged to the factors affecting it, (e.g., sales volume, the level of accounts receivable, etc.), with the possibility to quickly change the parameters of the payment system which automatically affects all the remaining aspects of the financial plan
  • create a products procurement plan, taking into account the forecasting market situation and scheduled sales volumes
  • calculate optimal inventory levels
  • forecast possible settlements with suppliers as well as the possible payment schedules for certain suppliers
  • quickly change the most important assumptions of external factors that influence the development of your enterprise, which automatically will be reflected in all positions of the financial plan. Thus it will be possible to quickly analyze different scenarios and adjust your plans depending on the situation

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