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E-Book: Financial Planning for SMEs

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E-Book: Financial Planning for SMEs

“Financial Planning for Small and Medium Enterprises”.

Get your free copy of a book by our founder Andrew Grigolyunovich, CFA, CFM!

Financial Planning for SMEs is written for business owners, managers or start-up entrepreneurs. You have a great business or a good business idea, have a great understanding of your industry, but lack financial knowledge and do not have a CFO in your team.

financial planning for SMEs

Most of the small and medium business owners do their financial planning themselves.

“There is a great need for good financial planning among SME’s. Still, only few of them can reasonably do it themselves or afford to hire a professional CFO. I thought that if I could share my experience with those entrepreneurs who need financial planning and analysis but just don’t know how to do it, then this book could be my input to help making businesses more successful and a bit more efficient.” – says Andrew Grigolyunovich.

Does your company find yourself in one or more of the situations listed below? If yes, then Andrew is definitely writing for you.

  • You have an SME that does not have its own CFO;
  • You have to make important decisions about the development path of your company;
  • Your business model is good, the annual report shows that you work with profit but you don’t see the proceeds on your bank account;
  • Your company has various lines of business, product groups, sales channels;
  • You plan to make a reorganization your company;
  • Your results are poor and you have to create a plan on how to save your company

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