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Short Term Cash Flow Projections (Any Industry)

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Short Term Cash Flow Projections (Any Industry)

Short-term Cash Flow Projections – forecast your immediate financing needs

Cashflow projections templateThe short-term Cash Flow Projections template will help you to manage supplier payments. This spreadsheet is applicable for any industry, while, in our opinion, it is especially useful for wholesale and retail companies. The short-term Cash Flow Projection template allows you to evaluate your company’s financial stability and to forecast the current needs for additional financing.

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At first, we recommend that you see how the short-term Cash Flow Projection template looks in Microsoft Excel. To do so, just press the Demo button above and download a demo version, which is exactly the same as the real-life template (except for the formulas being password-protected).

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To even better manage your company’s cash flow, we recommend you to have a look at some of our free templates. These could be useful for cash flow management needs of your company.


Functionality of the Short-term Cash Flow Projection Template:

  • Forecast the cash level of your company up to 1 month in the future on a daily basis
  • Include company-specific risk factors and predict their impact on the company’s performance
  • Compare several scenarios, evaluate the effect of the dividend payout or the amount of additional equity injections needed
  • Quickly import account payable data from your accounting system and change the scheduled dates of payments
  • Quickly import accounts receivable data from your accounting system as well as change the scheduled date of those receivables


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