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Customization & Consulting

Guiding You Through: Customization and Consulting Services

This option is well-suited for business owners who are specialists in their field, who are not really comfortable with numbers and projections. You have purchased a great tool, but putting in the right numbers might just take quite some time from you. Why don’t you put in the numbers under the guidance of one of our analysts? Just use our customization and consulting services.
Customization and consulting services

Our core business is financial modeling, planning and analysis services. We have a team of analysts who are experienced with companies across different industries and countries. They would guide you through the model and help to put the right numbers into the model. If you are about to make a huge mistake (e.g. overstate revenues or underestimate costs), they have the right experience and knowledge to warn you well in advance. It is much better to correct the errors while they are still on paper rather than when you have already encountered them in real life (and paid for them as well).

What do you get:

  • The template itself
  • Customization services (up to 8h)
  • E-mail and Skype support, consultations, verification of your projections (up to 8h).

How it works:

  • After you purchase the template from our website we receive an e-mail that you have placed a customization order. Our team’s manager will send you an e-mail during the next business day to establish the contact.
  • We appoint an analyst who will support you throughout the financial planning process. We arrange an online meeting with the person (usually Skype) to discuss your requirements, terms, key inputs and variables to the model.
  • You review the template together with the analyst and formulate what exactly do you want to customize (eg. increase product list from 10 to 25, etc.). The analyst will guide you through the model, show you how to put the numbers and customize the model for your specific needs.
  • After you have made your assumptions and created your own financial projections, our analyst will review the resulting figures. He will comment if the numbers are viable and will give you the overall advise on improving your results.

You can learn more about our services here.


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