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Financial Projections

Professional Excel Templates for your Business

Financial Projections

Let us do the work: Financial Projections

Being a recognized specialist in your area of business is a great thing. You have probably spent your 10,000 hours on practice and now you reap the benefits of being one of the key people in your company. However, this usually also means that you feel less comfortable with other areas, especially in finance. It is a good idea to let us do the most of the technical work and prepare the numbers for you. Then you just fine-tune the financial projections yourself.Financial projections

Our core business is financial modeling, financial planning and analysis services. We have a team of financial analysts experienced across many industries. Our daily business is creation of financial projections for our offline clients, so why can’t you use this advantage as well?

What Do You Get:

  • The template itself
  • E-mail or Skype communication
  • Template customization to specific structure of your company
  • Budget or financial projections prepared by our analysts

How It Works:

  • After you purchase the template from our website we receive an e-mail that you have placed an order for financial projections. Our team’s manager will send you an e-mail during the next business day to establish the contact.
  • We arrange an online meeting (usually Skype) to discuss your requirements, delivery terms, the deliverables, key inputs and variables to the model.
  • You provide some historical financial data (for existing businesses) or give your view about the future plans of your business.
  • We create the financial projections and send you the first draft for review. Usually we complete the draft within 2-3 weeks, but if you have an urgent request – just let us know and we will try to accommodate it.
  • We discuss the draft online (usually over Skype) and agree on further changes to be made. Then we incorporate them into the model and send you for another review.
  • After the financial projections meet your needs the project is completed. If you’d like, we could come back later when you are up and running to advise on performance optimization.

You can learn more about our customization services here.

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