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3-Way Financials (5 years)

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3-Way Financials (5 years)

3-way financials – get your cashflow statement ready in seconds

3-way financials 5 years

3-way financials template is called so as it comprises 3 key financial statements: Profit & Loss statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Projections. Usually people have a hard time to synchronize these statements so that the balance sheet balances out. Our template automatically creates a 5 year cashflow statement from the projected numbers in the P&L and the BS.

If you wish to see how the 3-way financials template for 5 years looks in Microsoft Excel you can download a demo version. The demo version is exactly the same as the real template; however, you will not be able to change anything in this version.

If you need customization of this template, click here to purchase some customization hours.

2 reviews for 3-Way Financials (5 years)

  1. William A. Sullivan

    I liked that it is pretty general on one hand, but it has all the necessary fields included on the other hand.

  2. Hazel Cave

    Really value for money. I want to move for Financial Projections package soon.

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