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Gantt Chart (automated with Macros)

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Gantt Chart (automated with Macros)

Gantt chart is a very useful instrument for project planning. The chart helps to monitor the progress of each task in the project as well as the progress of the whole project.

Distinguishing feature of this Gantt Chart is possibility to:

  • Choose the number of Task Categories;
  • Increase or decrease the number of Sub Tasks in each Task Category.

If you wish to see how this gantt chart template looks in Microsoft Excel you can download a demo version. The demo version is exactly the same as the real template; however, you will not be able to change anything in this version.


If you need customization of this template, click here to purchase some customization hours.

We suggest to use customization for adding Sub Sub Task level or new columns (for example, Task lead column).

Functionality of the Gantt Chart Template:

  • create up to 10 task categories with various sub task categories
  • automatically calculate the progress and end-date for each sub task category as well as for the whole category
  • calculate how many working days are in the period, how many days have gone and how many days are left to finish the task
  • graphically describe task progress


If you don’t wish to use macros we also offer a Gantt chart without this option.

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  1. Mark R. Grogan

    Nice customization for project management!

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