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Power BI

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Power BI

Power BI
Business Intelligence service (Power BI)

In Power BI we create dashboards visualizing data for you to get business insights important for your company. We structure your data in a clear and interactive way. We can provide access from the desktop or the phone for everyone across your company. The service enables you to assess the performance of your business and make data-driven decisions.

Follow the link and try to interact with Demo Power BI.

How does it work?

Creation of a Power BI dashboard for your company is very similar to customization projects.

– We discuss together with you the key requirements for the dashboards (what questions should be answered, what users shall see what part of the data, etc.)

–   Then we estimate the amount of time that we shall spend and send you the quote. We shall base the quote on the $40/h rate, but the final price will be fixed for you – no risks on cost overruns for our clients.

– Then we create the dashboard customized for your needs. Some possible uses of Power BI are:

  • Overview of the company performance
  • Cost optimization analysis
  • Assessment of HR hiring and compensation strategy
  • Analysis of the efficiency of marketing campaigns
  • Track your budget execution and compare the actual performance of the company to the expected one

– We deliver the dashboard to the users inside your company. Then we make updates as per your requests.

On the bottom of this page, you can find a demo version of a dashboard created from our budget model. You can try yourself and interact with some of its features. Demo version provides only a general analysis. However, our clients get the dashboard which we customize according to their business properties, preferences, and data available.


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