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Wholesale Investment Calculator

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Wholesale Investment Calculator

Wholesale Investment Calculator – is it worth creating a new product line?

The Wholesale Investment Calculator is an Excel template that allows to calculate the profitability of introducing new product lines. It helps to find the break-even sales volume and return on investment with given assumptions.

The Wholesale Investment template is very easy to use. In our core business (see more About us), we frequently work with wholesale clients. We have filled the model with the most important functionality that one who considers building new product lines would need.

However, if you have already made investments and want to project cash flows for the one-year period, you will benefit from the Wholesale Cashflow Projection Template. The model helps to plan the purchases of inventory, manage supplier payments as well as estimate the financial stability of a wholesale company in the long-term considering current assumptions.

How to buy?

At first, we recommend that you see how the Wholesale Investment Calculator looks in Microsoft Excel. To do so, just press the Demo button above and download a demo version, which is exactly the same as the real-life template (except for the formulas being password-protected).

Then just press the Add to cart button above and follow to the checkout!

Functionality of the Wholesale Investment Calculator Template:

  • Change important assumptions for the new project (e.g. rent expense, the number of clients or the number of employees);
  • Net present value (NPV) calculations – this indicator will help to determine whether the new project is profitable;
  • Return On Investment (ROI) calculations – evaluate the efficiency of your investment;
  • Calculate the total own funds needed for investment and determine the most critical months in terms of cash flow;
  • Compare different scenarios for revenue projections (e.g., min, max, average or break-even scenarios);
  • Create break-even scenarios, determine the break-even level of sales, and quickly test viability of your numbers by changing the assumptions;
  • Precisely project wholesales and purchases by retailers and product groups;
  • Project mark-up and deferred payments for each product group;
  • Get a chart showing the projected development of your cafe cash flow over time.

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  1. Ricky T. Seaberg

    Used it to calculate NPV

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