Publishing House Investment Calculator

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Publishing House Investment Calculator

Publishing House Investment Calculator

Publishing House Investment Calculator – is it worth taking up new issues for publishing?

The Publishing House Investment Calculator allows you to quickly project the return on your investment (ROI) as well as calculate the break-even volume of issues sales. The template shows how profitable the investments will be with a given set of assumptions.

The Publishing House Investment template is very easy to use. We have tried to fill the model with the most important functionality that would be needed for someone who is about to open a new publishing house or needs to make a choice whether to take up new issues for publishing or not.

Functionality of the Publishing House Investment Calculator Template:

  • Change important assumptions for the new project (e.g. rent expense, the number of employees, sales growth, etc.)
  • Net present value (NPV) calculations – this indicator will help to determine whether taking new issues will bring profit
  • Return On Investment (ROI) calculations – evaluate the efficiency of your investment
  • Calculate the total own funds needed for investment and determine the most critical months in terms of cash flow.
  • Compare different scenarios for revenue projections (e.g., min, max, average or break-even scenarios)
  • Create break-even scenarios, determine the break-even level of sales, and quickly test viability of your numbers by changing the assumptions
  • Precisely project total investments into the fixed assets and equipment.
  • Get a chart showing the projected development of your publishing house cash flow over time.

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