Bank Financing

Our insights, tools and hands-on support help clients achieve their biggest goals

Customer description: Your company wishes to attract bank financing for business growth and/or wish to obtain more favourable conditions for banking products (lower interest rates, lower fees, etc.).

Customer’s requirements: A clear and logical business idea which requires secured bank funding .

Service – attracting funding:
The head of AG Capital, Andrew Grigolyunovich, CFA, has years of experience as the credit manager  for “Hansabanka” (now – Swedbank).

Very often, companies that have a promising business plan and adequate funding request (i.e., with its own co-financing, maintenance, etc.), are unable to convince the credit committee of the bank in the viability of the project. We believe that, taking into account our experience in this field, we have greater opportunities to seek and obtain the necessary financing for our clients.

We know what the credit managers at the bank are looking for and will focus on these essential elements while preparing a PowerPoint presentation in addition to the business plan.

If necessary, we draw attention to the shortcomings of your business idea and business plan and help correct them before submitting them to the bank.

We work closely with the bank’s staff to help them understand your business and its possibilities. Under some circumstances banks do not follow strict and formal credit policies and will consider additional factors.

We will save you time and stress, not wasting them on communication with the banks in which your request might not match their credit policy and could be rejected.

Service – Improving Your Banking Costs and Services:
If your company already uses bank financing and wants to improve its financing conditions, we organise a competition between many banks, which will allows you to get the best deal possible.
We can also organise a similar competition between banks to lower your fees and other costs of banking.