Prepare Your Business Better for the Future with Professional Financial Modeling Templates

Prepare Your Business Better for the Future with Professional Financial Modeling Templates

A financial model can help a business in devising an effective financial forecast that reflects its finances and operations. This important financial tool is used for risk estimation and sales forecasts, and aims at representing the economic performance of a business entity. The forecast is typically based on the historical performance of the company and assumptions about its future performance. It typically requires preparation of the below three statements:

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet, and
  • Cash flow statement

This is known as a 3-statement model. Advanced financial models can be built up based on the 3-statement model for strategic planning to test various scenarios, calculate the cost of new projects and allocate resources for various business operations.

If you wish to build a professional excel financial model for your business yourself, you would be required to have a basic understanding of financial and accounting principles, the structure of the budget, an intermediate level of Excel knowledge, sensibility analysis and how changes in the environment will affect your business. You should also have a fair understanding of variable costs and key sales drivers, and their implications on your company’s working capital.

Financial Modeling Templates for Various Businesses

Most business owners are usually very professional in their business, but they also lack advanced financial knowledge to create a financial plan. But we got you covered: you can alternatively use pre-built professional business excel templates from the CFO Templates. These models have been created by the top financial modelers for applicability to your particular industry, be it retail, IT startup, construction or beauty salon or other SME business that you are running.

Restaurant and Hotel Business

Restaurants, cafes and catering companies have similar budgeting approaches; our restaurant budget template can be used to forecast sales by month and location. The forecasts can be broken down by different product groups, this is important as markups for different products. For example, coffee, could differ a lot for the markup of main courses.

Construction Business

Smaller construction companies that often work as subcontractors find themselves in a unique situation at the year end as most of the contracts are likely to expire in the second half of the year. With our construction budget template, companies in the construction business can get precise projections for the first few months of the year, and can have well-informed estimates for the second part of the year.

Retail Business

For retail businesses with regular customer flow, it is very important to look for seasonal patterns in the historical results to forecast the planned results. For example, retail businesses can see a spike in sales in December due to Christmas/New year gift sales. CFO Templates’ retail budget template comes with features to make appropriate budget forecasts for retailers, all the while incorporating seasonality patterns in the sales.

Wholesale Business

For wholesalers, it is absolutely essential to split forecasts to a highly detailed level as different sales channels and product groups might have different (and very narrow) margins, and there is not much room for error. CFO Templates offers you the wholesale budget template with sales broken by month, by sales channels and by product groups.

CFO Templates – Saving Your Money, Time and Efforts

All the tricky and time-consuming process of creating professional financial modeling templates has been accomplished by the CFO Templates’ expert financial modelers, so that you can concentrate on your core business capabilities without involving yourself in the nitty-gritty of financial modeling. You can get an idea of whether the projected cash flows for your SME business are adequate to meet your short and long-term goals.

With CFO Templates, small and medium businesses can avoid costly mistakes and create sound financial plans and analysis for the entrepreneurs that do not just know how to do it.


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