Professional Services Budget Template

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Professional Services Budget Template

Professional Services Budget Template

Professional Services Budget Template – take control of your business’ financials

The Professional Services Budget Template is a flexible financial planning tool for a company or an individual entrepreneur who provides services. The template is suitable for any type of service company: consulting, care, financial, health, cleaning, etc. Moreover, the model can be easily used by a company providing multiple types of services.Professional Services Budget Template

The functionality of the template makes it possible to keep a record of multiple projects/customers a company has. You will be able to project revenue by project/customer and expenses associated with them, including a detailed breakdown of salary, marketing, administrative expenses, taxes, etc.

The structure of the template consists of assumptions and projections for Profit and loss statement (P&L), Balance sheet (BS) and Cash flow statement (CF). It also provides detailed projections for different cost groups, e.g. payroll, rent, marketing expenses and others. Detailed instructions for filling in the input data are given on each worksheet.

The functionality of the professional services budget template:

  • separate Profit and Loss budget, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow budget;
  • salary accounting by a person or by the project;
  • plan a wide range of your company’s expenses;
  • forecast payroll (both for administration and sales force);
  • forecast possible payments to suppliers;
  • quickly change the most important assumptions. The changes will be automatically reflected in all positions of the budget. Thus it will be possible to quickly analyze different scenarios and adjust your plans depending on the situation.

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